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Friday, August 18, 2006

Synarchy and the United States of Europe

Introduction to "The Sion Revelation".

When we presented our discovery of the secret symbolism in Leonardo da Vinci's paintings in our 1997 book the Templar Revelation: Secret Guardians of the true identity of Christ,little did we realise that we were making a significant contribuition to a remarkable phenomenon of the twenty-first century..Not only did our book directly inspire Dan Brown to weave his blockbuster The da Vinci Code(2003) around the concept of leonardo' love of hidden heresies and dangerous codes,but we were taken aback to realise that in doing so we had also assisted at the birth of a new,impassioned wave of interest in the truth about the origins of Christianity.
A central part of Dan Brown's fiction is the notion that there exists an age-old French society,the Priory of Sion,whose task it is to protect the sacred bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene - the implications of which are truly shocking to those who remain true to the traditional teachings of the Church.The inevitable blacklash against all the subjects raised in Brown's book has seen the Priory of Sion roundly trounced,dismissed once and for all as a straightforward hoax.
However,we became increasingly dissatisfied with either extreme - complete acceptance of everything claimed by or on behalf of the Priory,or blanket dismissal -
for two reasons.While there is evidence that the Priory is a modern creation,rather than the ancient and venerable secret society it is supposed to be,there is considerably more to it than a simple hoax.As our continuing research has found,the Priory really is important,but for rather diferent reasons.
This has given us the golden opportunity to present our ongoing investigation into the Priory of Sion.And unexpectedly,we found this work converging with other,quite independent,lines of research,specifically those that lead to our 1999 book The Stargate Conspiracy,which dealt with a little-know,but extremely influential,politico-occult movement know as synarchy.As we delved into it even deeper,we found ourselves unexpectedly back in the underground stream that also sweeps the Priory of Sion along.Even the research for our book on the 'secret history' of the Second World War,Friendly Fire; The Secret War Between the Allies became surprisingly relevant,as certain power struggles in wartime France provide an important backdrop to The Sion Revelation.
The second reason for our writing this book is much wider in scope,and to us more important:those who defend the traditional religious views against Dan Brown's book argue that if they can prove the Priory of Sion is a hoax,then the deeper issues - such as the reality of the 'forbidden' gospels,the relationship between jesus and Mary Magdalene,and the centuries-long Church cover-up of such inconvenient evidence about the Christian religion - can also be condemned and dismissed.This is utter nonsense.
Whatever else can be said about Brown's book,it has brought some fundamental questions about spirituality and religion to a massive and secular international audience,and sparked off farreaching debates.It has even been pointed out that it has revived on a grass-roots level the same bitter debate that raged in the formative years of the Christian religion.The major split was between the two fundamentally different visions of the faith: the Gnostic view,in which the individual forges his or her own salvation,and the priest-led faction that became the church - in which the Church alone holds the keys of the Kingdom.It is a battle that the Church believed long won,but now the fissure lines are reopening as the floor is cleared for either a new,informed debate or a fight - and all due to the unlikely influence of an airport thriller!
Obviously for some reason and in some mysterious way,Dan Brown has tapped into the prevailing Zeitgeist,but this phenomenon can only exist because people have a deep inner need to excavate beneath the traditional religious certainties.But Brown is by no means its only popular manifestation.J.K.Rowling's young wizard Harry Potter scintillates with Gnostic daring,and- as many commentators point out - the movie series The Matrix( )draws directly on ancient Gnostic concepts,dressing them up as science fiction,with elements from the Priory of Sion's mythos also having pride of place.While The Matrix's sacred city of Zion/Sion is not unique to Priory lore,it is hard to find another source for the character called 'The Merovingian'.
The true story of the Priory is rather different from Brown's version,but it is highly significant,disturbing and even alarming.And it carries us along into a dark and intriguing world where a great many other uncomfortable facts,both religious and political,will have to be faced.

Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince,London 17 September 2005

The 'Synarchist Movement'- more properly The Synarchic Empire Movement - was a synarchist society of the 1920s and 30s.The synarchist spirit,as much as its mode of thought,went back in particular to two philosophers...Louis de Saint Martin(in the 18th century)and Saint Yves d'Alveydre(in the 19th century).The one and the other extolled a version of history through the will of Providence,man being only an instrument rule by laws that are beyond him...But Providence,the 'inteligence of the universe',delegated to some 'divive commissioners',to the 'sacerdotal man',the power to be the agents of a theocratic government.

"The Scotish reform of Freemasonry...pointly with the source of Martinism,promoted some of the methods and some of the mythos that later came to serve the inspirers of the Synarchic Movement.The reform first of all attributed an illustrious origin to Freemasonry,by making it the continuator of the ancient orders of chilvary.Subsequently,it added numerous new grades to the original three of the English rite(Blue degrees)which allowed hidden knowledge to be reserved for an elite,as well as the possession of secrets that only sceptics qualify as imaginary".
By Ulmann and Azeau

'In our day,Freemasonry,the frame and the skeleton of a theocracy,is the only initiation that bears the character of universality and which,from the thirty-third degree,recalls in small way...the ancient intellectual and religious alliance'.
Saint Yves d'Alveydre

'Imagine the antonym of anarchy...Synarchy is government in common,each participating in decisions of collective interest according to his capacity and role.Democracy is exhausted by useless struggles - we have indeed seen the prove today - for the good reason that even the principle of parliamentary representation is a delusion,a false system,a simplification inapplicable to the diversity of human situations.
Synarchy fulfils the wishes of the esoteric tradition,transmitted by the Rosicrucians,by the great illuminati,without forgetting the Comte de Saint-Germain,
[and] Saint Yves d'Alveydre'.
Postel du Mas explanation of Synarchy

Stranger than Fiction

Our detective work has led inexorably to certain bizarre - and even apparently incredible - conclusions about the true nature of the Priory of Sion,its influence and its motives in the real world.
The Priory - the alleged upholders of the bloodline of Jesus that is so central to The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail and The Da Vince Code - is a hoax,but in the same way that intelligence deceptions are hoaxes.What really matters are the groups that stand behind it,the network of societies that include the Rectified Scotish Rite and Papu's Martinist Order,with their secret interior orders(of which most of their rank-and-file are probably unaware).And behind all this stands synarchy,at whose core is the drive to forge the United States of Europe.
However,it is important not to get swept along,way beyond the evidence.We are not saying that the priory of Sion created or is behind the European Union.We are saying that the Priory is one manifestation of a movement - synarchy - which is more important than the society and which has exerted a significant,but not exclusive,influence over mocerd French history and the development of the European Union.Neither are we saying that modern Europe is solely the product of synarchists,or that they are the secret controllers of Brussels - although they certainly have ambitions in that direction.Our intention is to stress that the synarchists' influence in the past and their presence today needs to be recognised,not to suggest that they are all-powerful,everywhere.
The Priory was originally established in 1956 as a front for groups plotting Charles de Gaulle's return to power,either the network that would later become the notorious Gaullist 'praetorian guard',the SAC,or the related 'Grand O'conspiracy led by the arch-plotter Henry Martin.Later,in the 1960s,it was revived with a new purpose,a misinformation exercise aimed to divert other esoteric groups from seeking out certain archives by laying the bewildering false trail of the Merovingian bloodline.
After the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail gave their cover story unexpected and unprecedented international publicity - whether it was welcome,unwelcome or by the 1980s irrelevant,is unclear - it was quitly closed down by reinventing itself with a far less interesting history and purpose.
But of course it is still around,its public face now being Gino Sandri.Presumably it is being kept 'warm' in case it is needed as a cover for something else.After all,it has been half a century in the making,and it would be a pity to loose all that hard work.Sandri insists that although today's Priory of Sion includes important figures from the world of high finance,business and politics,it does not have political or financial objectives.If our conclusions about the Priory being a convenient and versatile cover are correct,then at the moment that must be true.Where it will go in the future remains to be seen.Whether the Priory being thrust back into the international spotlight because of The Da Vinci Code will make it disappear or inspire a new phase in its development also remains to be seen.
However,delving into the Priory's murky history reveals even darker links with racist,collaborationist and even terrorist groups.But in investigating the Priory of Sion's affiliations of decades ago,an astounding scenario is gradually revealed,which one hesitates to set down in black and white.Yet as we have seen from dozens of checkable associations and links,it seems that at least the concept of the European Union is the product of an occult conspiracy,inspired by individuals who believed they were in contact with spirit entities,with the ultimate aim of establishing a full-blown United States of Europe in line with Joseph Alexandre Saint-Yves d'Alveydre's original vision.
Clever,fanatical and impossible to categorise as left- or right-wing,liberal or extremist - or even heretical,occult or Catholic - the political shape-shifting synarchists may be poised to take over the lives of milions by infiltrating the classrooms and the churches,by abusing simple patriotism and overturning democracy.
Perhaps they already have.
Synarchy may be a long way from da Vinci's paintings and the weird decoration in Saint Mary Magdalene's church at Rennes-le-Chateau,but our journey through the extraordinary links spiralling through the arcane and often murky world of occult brotherhoods,religious intrigue and even spirit contact leads inexorably to the stark world of modern politics.Where it will go next remains to be seen,but almost certainly - sooner or later - it will affect us all.

In The Sion Revelation last chapter.

Schwaller de Lubicz,Synarchy and the web of world religions.